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Search below for all of our Sermons since the beginning of 2020! You can listen to the audio, or read through the manuscripts. The videos can be found on our Facebook.

Sermon Audio

Check here every week to hear the Sermon from the previous Sunday! This is a great option if you're out of town, or unable to make it on Sundays. Click the link below to go directly to the site, or click the player to listen to it from here!

If you would rather read our Sermons than listen to or watch, this section is for you! Click below to view the Manuscript from this past Sunday, or explore all the ones from previous Sundays! 


Starting in July of 2021 Pastor Jacob switched from preaching from a manuscript, to preaching from a few notes. Any uploaded from that point foreword wont contain the fullness of what was preached. We encourage you to navigate to our Soundcloud to listen to the full Sermon.

Sermon Manuscripts

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