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Who are we?

"Through the teaching and preaching of the Word, we will support and encourage one another, all for the glory of God and the good of man."

We have three "Core Principles" that guide and direct everything we do and teach. They are Evangelism, Relationship, & Biblical Literacy. Not that there aren't other areas of the Christian life that matter and are incredibly important, and not that these three are all that matter, but we have found that these three "categories" contain all the topics, practices, and teachings that we are involved with.

We share the Gospel.
We love everyone.
We hold to "Scripture Alone".

We go out of our way to care for and encourage and support and love and volunteer and be there for everyone who chooses to be a Member of our Church.

We hold to "Scripture Alone" as the final say for Salvation, Morality, and all areas of life that matter. Yes the words of men can be valuable and important to spiritual growth. However, if any of their words don't align with Scripture, we ignore them.

We share the Gospel in every setting of our life. At our jobs, with our families, with our neighbors, everywhere and everyone.

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