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  • Pastor Jacob Marchitell

Christmas 2020

Pastor Marchitell's message from our Christmas Eve service.


The God whom we worship -----

The Child whose birth we are now celebrating -----

Is not merely some really strong, really powerful, really holy person who said nice things 2000 yrs ago-----

Jesus Christ, is the God of the Universe, and we are here tonight, to acknowledge that.

Galatians 4:4

“But when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth his Son, born of woman, born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law, so that we might receive adoption as sons.”

The - fullness - of - time


We celebrate Christmas not because we enjoy having the day off from work----

We celebrate Christmas not because we enjoy time with our family or time away from them----

We celebrate Christmas not because the year has been long, filled with garbage ---- and we just --- need --- a break ---

For many of us---

For most of us---

This year HAS been filled with garbage.

With pain



Suffering // confusion // anxiety & fear

2020 has taken a hold of this world-----

Of families ---- Of mothers and and fathers and children

It has taken a hold of governments and communities

It has taken a hold of schools and students

This year has drawn on and on and on----

But it is almost over.

Just a week left and we can say goodbye forever to 2020

We know not what next year will bring us----- but here and now----

We can gather with our families and eat and unwrap gifts and drink hot chocolate----

And say goodbye to a year that has hurt us----

But I want to tell you all today, that although saying goodbye to 2020 ----- may be a good reason to celebrate Christmas this year------ there is a far greater reason.


You see that verse I read in Galatians, says that Jesus came to Earth and was born of a woman----- at just the right time.

It was a specific and thought out moment within the stream of time ----

It was planned in advance --- before even the Universe existed, God planned to send Jesus Christ to Earth

In that Culture---

In that Year---

In that Country---

In that Barn---

Surrounded by animals that were there---

In that week

On that day----

At that hour--- At that minute---

Every piece of straw in that barn, was in its specific place ------

------ And the Virgin Mary was in Labor for the exact amount of time as God had planned, and not a millisecond longer------

Nothing was left up to chance

The God of all creation, came to Earth as a baby, at the precise, specific, and perfect moment in time.


You see when God moves in our world, He does so at the perfect moment.

Never early or rushed----

Never late or forgetful---- He doesn't lose track of time or get distracted -----

He isn't bound by your mistakes or sins

When God moves in YOUR life------ it will be at the right moment----

When He moves in your family----

When He moves in your School---

Your community ----- Your town ----- your job

Or your Country

When God interacts with our world ------ it is at a specific and planned out moment in our life.

Between the blinking of your eyes----

Between the falling grains of sand in a divine hourglass---

Between breaths---- And the beats of your heart-----

God will move and act when the time is right-----


So I would like to ask you all here this evening------

What time is your life in right now?

Are your days flying by, without your control?

Are they dragging on, day after day, and you just wish something would change?

Is right now ------ the time of your life?

Do you look back at things that once were----and say:

“Back then----that was a good time-----”

“When I was still happy----

“When I was married----

“When I was single----

“When my kids were still around----

“When I had THAT job----

The best times in my life are behind me

OR Do you look forward---and say:

“Next year will be better----

“As soon as I find the right person----

“As soon as I leave the person I am with---

“As soon as I get the right job----

“Next month----next year-----in a few years------

Everything is going to be better, my life is going to come together, and THEN it will be the best time of my life----- it will be the RIGHT time in my life ------


OR--------- Is the time you are in right now ----- blinding you of everything else?

Has this year hurt you?

Has this year broken you down?

Have you made bad choices this year?

Have other people made choices against you?

Have thighs happened in your family----

Your school---

Your heart---

Your job---

Your country---

Have there been things that have happened to you this year that left you confused?

Scared? ----- Afraid?

Happy? ----- Excited?

What is this time in your life, right now, telling you?

Has your life taken a turn that you never saw coming?

You lost a loved one---

Your business has closed---

Your family split in half---

Were you hurt in ways that make you cry out ----- “Where were you God?”

I am hurt

I am alone

I cant see

I cant think

I cant feel

I cant love

My heart has been ripped from my body

I've made choices that I hate that have hurt myself and hurt others----

Other people have made choices that have hurt me----


I am all alone and every time I look at the world I am reminded of the hurt and darkness that awaits me at every turn---

I have failed and fallen ---- every emotion is dark ---- and nothing in my life makes sense ----- God where are you?


If those are your prayers----

If those are your thoughts----

Then God will hear you, and God will answer you----

If you repent of your sins and believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, then He will bring your dead soul to life, forgive you of all of your wrongs, clean you off, make you new, and give your life meaning beyond anything this world has to offer.

Because that is why we celebrate Christmas-------

The God of all Creation became a human to live a perfect life and die the death that we deserve-----

So that we can live for eternity in His presence-----

So that we can:

not let this world define us---

not let our mistakes--- define us

not let the mistakes of other people ---- define us

Jesus Christ is the God of all creation----

Born of a virgin at the right time---

Lived a perfect life---

Died on a cross for the sins of all who believe---

And came back to life on the 3rd day---

All so that we unholy and broken people, could live a life of purpose.

Beyond the filth of 2020---

Beyond the garbage of political nonsense---

Beyond the choices of our parents----

Beyond our own bad choices---

If God lives within your heart ------ then nothing in this world can define you----

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, will not perish, but have eternal life.

Repent of your sins, and believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for the kingdom of God is near.


At this time, we are going to light our Candles, and sing a well known song.

Id like to invite you all to stand with me as we light our Candles and join our voices----

The song, is Silent night - however, the only ones who were silent, were us here on Earth.

There was no silence in the heavenlies------For angles sang and rejoiced at His birth---

All of heaven erupted in praise and song to the King of the Universe, as they saw his plan unfolding----

And all of hell shrieked in pain at the birth of the Christ

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